The $500 Billion Community Empowerment Plan

WE stand in unity across the life insurance industry...
to educate, underwrite, and empower the Black community

How Do We Get To $500 Billion?

By solidifying the financial strength of 2 million Black families, and the hiring of 10,000 new Black financial professionals.

Understanding that the life insurance industry has been a contributor to wealth inequality in America over the last 200 years-From past racist policies and practices that impacted underwriting and trust in the product and companies; to the lack of the proper education and utilization of the many benefits offered by the products; to ongoing systemic obstacles experienced by Black advisors and managers, all of these factors have continued to widen the racial wealth gap and challenge Black financial advisor career success.

WE, led by industry veteran Eugene Mitchell, is on a mission to change this, and to help the industry to do more. Building on a proven program that has already created $50 billion in Black wealth, while embracing the historical framework used by former Black life insurance companies to come together for security for loved ones, jobs, and economic power, Wei is scaling a movement across the life insurance industry to ensure the financial strength of 2 million Black families, and the hiring of 10,000 new Black financial advisors. These efforts will combine to help close the racial wealth gap and build multi-generational wealth and business. We can all win in this together, creating millions individually and billions collectively. Join the movement!

How We Can Help You

For Families

WE is Helping to educate families to utilize LI to

• Recover from the unexpected
• Create stability for the Black middle class
• Close the racial wealth gap
• Create and transfer wealth
• Tips/tool/strategies for 10,000 families

For Companies

WE is helping companies and agencies to

• Build and support programs with the $500B campaign
• to increase agent production, retention, morale, promotion into management, and company branding.
• Track the ownership and impact of Life Insurance within Black communities.
• Promote the career
• Highlight and position products

For Advisors

WE is inspiring an agent-led movement to

• Unite with same mission and message
• Materials: scripts, postcards, videos(approach, inform, leave behind)
• Be an information source and marketing resource
• Highlight and spotlight leaders (an army of 10,000 advisors)

For Believers

WE is helping to

• Connect foundations and non-profits wishing to empower and transform communities
• Help spread the message throughout their network
• Contribute experiences and stories
• Bring this important financial tool and career to Black students and HBCUs

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