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WE started a movement to leverage life insurance to create $500 billion for the Black community

Life insurance can help close the racial wealth gap in one generation.

Inheritance from life insurance is a major contributing factor to the racial wealth gap between White and Black America.

The failure to use life insurance as a wealth building tool means that Black families receive far less inheritance and family financial support than White families.

This disparity, and the resulting financial insecurity, leads to missed opportunities (ie. down payments for homes, college educations, entrepreneurship, and retirement.)

We must understand the many benefits of life insurance and incorporate it as a foundational financial asset for Black families, Black businesses, and Black organizations and institutions.

To create substantive and sustainable change we need individuals, Black agents and financial advisors, and corporations committed to promoting equity and community transformation.

What important role will you play in ensuring economic equity by closing the racial wealth gap?
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We already Generated $50 Billion…
For Black Families

01 Jan 2011
01 Jan 2011

The Origin

This began as an agent-led movement at New York Life. The idea was simple, empower the Black community and Black agents to do more than just survive

13 Jul 2024
13 Jul 2024

We Had To Get Others Involved...

So we created a $50B campaign and empowerment tour—we involved cities, media, advocates, and believers from around the nation

13 Jul 2024
13 Jul 2024

The Results Were Amazing

We grew a tree of growth from the seed of an idea that blossomed into $50 Billion, 340,000 insured with over $50.5 billion of life insurance. And we helped agents take their business to the next level with higher policy premiums; lowered policy lapse rates; increased agent recruiting- retention and- promotion into management; enhanced camaraderie and morale; a success model for other target markets to follow; and a stronger brand and image for the company!

13 Jul 2024
13 Jul 2024

Now WE're Expanding

We are expanding 10-fold to a $500 billion goal across the industry. We will use our experience, evidence and track record to take this to the next level. We will empower more agents, strengthen more families, and create even more partnerships. Join us now if you’re ready to contribute to the $500 Billion in created wealth!

WE Are Delivering The Info You Need To Know

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A father's enduring love and legacy...


Daddy’s love will always be with you. ($250,000, a real head start).

Erika Freeman

Jeff and Erika agreed to always co-parent and work together for the benefits of their daughter, Jordyn, even though their relationship did not last. They maintained a great relationship for years in a long distance arrangement, alternating weekends by driving to meet each other halfway to hand off for their visits.

On April 28, 2021, Erika received a call that would change their daughter’s life forever. In fact, it would change the life of everyone that knew him. She was told he was in critical condition, and his body was shutting down, and it was not Covid related. They tried calling but couldn’t get through to him via the nurses, and so they took off to Macon, GA from Jacksonville, a five-hour drive. Unfortunately, he was gone by the time they arrived. At the age of 53, he had passed away.


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Working together, to create change for the Black agent and advisor community. Will You join US?


Life and long-term care insurance were there for Lissete when her husband passed away from leukemia.

As their family and income grew, the Mortes de Ocas increased their life insurance and got long-term care insurance. When Felipe was diagnosed with leukemia, aggressive treatments made it impossible for him to work. Thanks to his long-term care policy, they don’t need to use their retirement savings to pay for his care. Felipe also didn’t worry about paying for his life insurance coverage because each of the policies had a rider that waved his premiums in the event of disability.

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