Building, Protecting, and Passing on Black Wealth

Life insurance has been ignored for too long as a wealth-building and legacy creation tool in the Black community.
Take a minute to learn how to maximize the many benefits of life insurance and close the racial inheritance gap for your family
Here are steps you can take to create family financial strength and community transformation.

Life Insurance made a difference for these families

See how these families were strengthened and able to leapfrog ahead in life

Know yourself, Know your worth

Do you recognize the economic value you hold to yourself and your family, in fact you may be a million-dollar assets. Learn how to protect and invest on that value

Insure Yourself to Ensure the Future         

Protection with life insurance should incorporate four important components: income protection, living benefits, final expenses, and legacy creation

Closing the Racial Wealth Gap

The difference in inheritance received has been recognized as a major current contributing factors of the wealth gap. This gap will only widen if not addressed.

Life Insurance Calculator

Based on your intentions for your family, enter a few numbers to find out how much you need

If you are ready… to protect you family, to leave a legacy, and to empower your community:

  • Request a trusted advisors
  • Purchase online for yourself

Interested in becoming a financial advisor?

Learn more about the career, the best companies, and the opportunity to make a difference

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