Partnering for broad-based collective impact

Life insurance has been ignored for too long as a wealth-building and legacy creation tool in the Black community.
Take a minute to learn how to maximize the many benefits of life insurance and close the racial inheritance gap for your family
Here are steps you can take to create family financial strength and community transformation.

Our goal to educate, underwrite and empower          

We are bringing families, organizations, and advisors together to do just that

Advancing Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that everyone wins when organizations do good and do well

Enhancing your reach, resonance, resources and reputation

Get help reaching new markets and deepening your connection to current communities

Coaching, training, consulting

Learn how we can provide your organization with the support it needs internally

Our $500 Billion Campaign

See how life insurance can change families for generations to come

Take action

If you are ready… to protect you family, to leave a legacy, and to empower your community:

  • Join the WE community of partners, advisors, andf families
  • Share feedback, stories, ideas
  • Get training and resources for your organization
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