Empowering The Black Community To Erase The Wealth Gap

We are here to unite, support, and empower Black financial advisors

Join us as we create industry equity for Black life insurance agents and financial advisors… to ensure success and longevity in the career, leadership and ownership, and the overcoming of systemic challenges and biases. 

Our Mission Is To Generate $500 Billion For The Black Community by Leveraging Life Insurance

These Are Just Some Of The Numbers

New Agent Failure Rate
The Proportion of Black Advisors/Agents
The White/Black Life Insurance Wage Gap

Would you like to help create and manage $500 Billion in sales?

  • 2 Million Families with a average $250,000 Policy
  • 2 Million x $1,200  average premium= 2.4 Billion in Potential Revenue
  • Increased sales leads to more opportunity in your company

Get the marketing materials that matter

  • Receive training relevant to connecting with our communities
  • Get the marketing materials needed to connect culturally and let us do the work to help get them approved by your company
  • Get interested and targeted leads sent to your inbox

Access Industry Information as it happens

  • Tap into our systems and get industry news delivered to your inbox
  • Get updated on industry events and opportunities
  • Be a part of the conversation to shape the industry

Help Us Close The Wealth and Insurance Gap

  • White insurance agents on average make more than Black agents
  • Black families on average have one third the amount of coverage as white families
  •  The Wealth Gap of median income is $165,000

Redefining ownership
and leadership

  • Get the training you need to excel in the industry
  • Learn how to start and grow your own company
  • Be a part of shifting the statistics

Take action

  • Join the WE community of advisors
  • Get access to our growing suite of resources
  • Share your feedback, stories, and ideas
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