What Black History Month means to four Black advisors

Jacqueline ‘JaQ’ Campbell 
CEO and senior wealth advisor 
Alexander Legacy Private Wealth Management, a part of Carson Group Network

What does Black History Month mean to you?  

Black History Month means that I have been released to go after my destiny!  I am blessed to have a birthday at the start of Black History Month, so it’s always been an intentional reminder of my purpose, as we continue to bridge cultural gaps and bring awareness to impact investing, with a special lens on social and racial justice.  

What does it mean to be a Black advisor?   

I believe it gives us a lens into unique opportunities in the marketplace, especially where opportunities have been traditionally ignored, invisible or undiscovered.  Our ancestors’ legacy represented generations of leaders, innovators and impact investors who were committed to ensuring their communities got access to resources that made a difference. We are carrying the torch, as Black advisors, to ensure our communities at large receive access to trusted financial advice, in order to continue that legacy and set up our next generation for success.

Tell us about a moment from your own personal history. 

What I am most proud of is my experience as a high school intern, which ultimately led to a career in wealth management. Although I only met 50% of the job requirements, and did not hold a bachelor’s degree at the time (which was a requirement), I didn’t let that stop me from applying for the job. I landed it, and turned it into a lasting and fulfilling career. 



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