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Perry Newell, Funding College Project announcement.

We build relationships and try to advance our society.

BUILDING FOUNDATIONS FOR SUCCESS – Updates from the Funding College Project.

We have operated a non-commercial activity and have been asked to supply to individuals, organizations, media, and community bulletin boards serving the area with information about active honors, awards, scholarships and insightful advice.

The Funding College Project to find and use techniques and strategies to support school aged and post high school activities. We work with students and families internationally. We identify, alerting interested parties to existing options, building contacts, answering questions, completing forms and nominations for prizes and awards.

The requests for assistance from school aged individuals are coming from all corners and we are working hard to find and deliver resources and success. As the services provided to school aged persons have increased, we are now hearing from individuals we were able to assist decades ago.

It’s FREE – We are trying to spread the word about Honors, Awards and Scholarships to as many people as can be reached, please share this information widely.

To go direct to the source:

We produce material published pretty often (our work can be found at – Search – Perry L. Newell or Funding College Project) however, we have folks in other countries asking for it all the time.

Parents: We have had the opportunity to test several methods with thousands of individuals each year and have found that a number of ways which enable students to succeed.

Scholarship Guidance was created in 2011 to help students find scholarship opportunities for the upcoming school year. Our scholarship database is used by high schools and post-secondary schools across the nation. Scholarship Guidance believes in supporting the open-source community by ensuring our scholarship resources are always provided free of charge. Students, Counselors and Parents enjoy lifetime free access to all of our resources, regardless of year of study or school affiliation. Link:

Female Scholarships – Scholarships for women are usually created to support females in certain fields or under specific circumstances. They are established to encourage women to pursue leadership positions, get jobs in education, or get advanced degrees. The aid also focuses on women in specific situations, such as being veterans, moms, or even teenage moms. (321 Rows) Link:

2022 National High School Design Competition – Calling all high school students! What would you design for a more peaceful and just world? Enter your design in the 2022 National High School Design Competition! Link:

Youth Service America (YSA) is searching for Heartwarming Young Heroes with creative ideas to foster meaningful connections, promote inclusion, and teach empathy. With support from Hershey’s Heartwarming Project, YSA will award up to $50,000 in grants for youth-led service projects and community-building activities during Global Youth Service Day (April 29 – May 1, 2022). All youth ages 5-25 in the United States (including U.S. territories and military bases & DoD schools) and Canada are eligible to apply. Final Application Deadline: March 11, 2022 Link:

How to use Scholarship Guides – Plan ahead. Look ahead about three months for deadlines and update/confirm deadlines to ensure you apply in time. If a deadline or other important information is not posted, contact the organization and ask for missing information: Hi. My name is _______ and I’m calling about the _____ scholarship. I’m interested in applying and would like more information. I would like to know more information about: The deadline for submitting my application: _______________________ Thank you very much for your help. I look forward to submitting my application. Save everything. Complete application requirements and save all of your written work on your computer. Revise. Revise. Revise! Review your essays, statements, and all written work before submitting. Always ask someone to read your application one more time before the final submission.

FUSED TOGETHER – This event is intended for young women (11-17) of color and/or of low-income families that are interested in STEAM-based learning opportunities. Communities for a Healthy Bay in partnership with Hilltop Artists and local artist Kait Rhoads are proud to present the first event on our Science x Art Series! Over the course of several months, participants will have the opportunity to create works of art that they can present during our Summer Deck Party. Our goal is to enhance environmental stewardship by creating art inspired by our local environment. Mentorship and guidance will be led by local artists and entrepreneurs, participants can gain exposure through CHB’s website and social media platforms, and a cash prize for best in show. Join us for guided tour in the Museum of Glass followed by a glass fusion workshop in the studio before heading to the cone for live glass blowing. Topics for this day include pieces done by BIPOC artists, ocean conservation, material science, chemistry, and mentorship. Thank you Tacoma Creates for funding this work! Register here:

Where: Museum of Glass, 1801 Dock St. Tacoma – When: Saturday, March 5th, 10am-2pm – What to bring: comfortable shoes – Cost: FREE!

The Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund (SCSF) was founded on the belief that any motivated individual in need should have the opportunity to further his or her education. By removing some of the financial burdens associated with going to, surviving in, and graduating from college, the SCSF plays a vital role in increasing college access and success for many motivated yet underserved youth and young adults. The SCSF provides individual grants, paid directly to the educational institution, to every student who qualifies and reapplies yearly, from admission to graduation. The grant can be used to cover tuition expenses and related supplemental educational expenses such as books, lab fees, travel and select costs of living. All Shawn Carter Scholars are required to “give back” by conducting community service and by serving as mentors to younger, aspiring Shawn Carter Scholars.


Students pursuing their first undergraduate degree – High school seniors – Students with GED diplomasStudents enrolled in 2-year or 4-year undergraduate programs, enrolled in vocational or trade schoolsUS citizen or Permanent Resident – 25 years old or younger – Minimum 2.0 GPAHousehold income not exceeding $75,000 USD – You can begin your application on April 1st. – The deadline for the application is April 30th (11:59 PM EST). Link:

Women at Microsoft Scholarship – The Women at Microsoft Scholarship seeks to empower and enable high school women and non-binary people* to go to college, realize the impact technology has on the world, and target a career in the technology industry. Link:

Beyond Dreaming – Washington State Scholarship List for Undocumented Students For students by student

Seemly dated we recommend this document to you. The Beyond HB 1079 Dreaming is a student run endeavor made possible through the collaborations of both college and high school students, higher education support, and dedicated community members who work together towards the common goal of advancing and providing educational opportunities for all students. Link:…/resources/beyond1079-2018.pdf

SCHOLARSHIP RESOURCE GUIDE FOR SUPPORT IN THE 2021-2022 ACADEMIC YEAR – Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund – This is an informative resource guide for students, parents, and educators.

MALDEF is not a direct provider of the scholarships on this list. If you are interested in any of the scholarships listed here, please contact the organization directly using the information provided. The information provided is accurate as of publication, but always verify with scholarship providers. Thank you.


Women’s Independence Scholarship – Since its inception the Women’s Independence Scholarship Program has awarded nearly $44 million in scholarships to thousands of women across the United States. WISP is available nationally to women who have left an abusive domestic situation and who are pursuing an education designed to provide economic independence for themselves and their children. Link:

COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS FOR OLDER WOMEN – In recent years, a number of specialized scholarships have been created for older women, the best resource to find possible opportunities for women is to contact their State Education Bureau or Federal Student Aid Information Center and find out if there are any programs for their age. Here is the list of the names of the agencies and foundations that offer grants and scholarships for older or mature women according to their age, which help them to defray the costs involved. Link:

NATIVE AMERICAN WOMEN SCHOLARSHIPS – In today’s tough economic climate, it is virtually impossible to find a job without some type of higher education. Employers are looking to protect their investments by only hiring new employees that they know have the right amount of education to complete the job successfully.

Unfortunately, tuition rates continue to rise every year making it nearly impossible for some students, especially female Native Americans, to afford a college education. As students are forced to work full-time, sometimes more than one job, just to pay their college education-related expenses, the prospect of earning a higher education is becoming bleaker for female Native Americans. Thankfully, there are many scholarships and grants for female Native Americans available that can help reduce the financial burden associated with attending college. Female Native Americans are often underrepresented within the higher education community. Typically, from a low socio-economic society, female Native Americans do not have access to the resources other student groups do that make it easier for them to attend college. Because of this harsh reality, female Native American students need to search high and low for scholarships and grants to help them afford a higher education. Link:

QuestBridge is a powerful platform that connects the nation’s brightest students from low-income backgrounds with leading institutions of higher education and further opportunities. We are an aggregator of excellence. By facilitating these exchanges, QuestBridge aims to increase the percentage of talented low-income students attending the nation’s best universities and the ranks of national leadership itself. What we know – Abundant low-income talent exists. Annually, approximately 30,000 talented low-income students nationally are academically qualified to attend the nation’s best colleges, but the majority of them don’t even apply to one selective college. Already in the system, there is abundant raw talent and tens of thousands of academically prepared talented low-income students in America to match top low-income students with every full-need scholarship that top American colleges provide. There need be no academic gap if we can bring our best low-income students into the system. What we believe – Intelligence, talent, motivation, nobility, and grit are distributed across the entire economic spectrum of America’s youth. Many elite colleges and universities, Fortune 500 corporations, and top graduate schools sincerely strive to embrace the country’s most talented, determined, and self-motivated students. But they often lack the reach to attract appropriate candidates from low-income populations. America has an undiscovered population of talented low-income youth. Some of our brightest young minds are well-suited to opportunities, but unconnected for simple lack of information, mentorship, and other surmountable barriers. Link:

SCHOLARSHIPS FOR HISPANIC WOMEN – Hispanic and Latinx scholarships can be offered by a number of companies, organizations, and schools. This results in a much more diverse scholarship program.

The Pew Research Center reports that Educational attainment among U.S. Latinx & Hispanic students has “reached its highest level in the last three decades.” Dropout rates are decreasing while college attendance has skyrocketed in the past few years. Hispanic students are reported to be the largest minority group on U.S university campuses and in general and they are less likely to have student debt. This is because of access to scholarships, federal aid, and attendance at universities with cheaper tuition fees. Some scholarships have different essays or videos as a requirement – the common thread here is that they are for those that have or can claim Hispanic or Latino descent. We acknowledge and help find awards to honor the accomplishments of Hispanic and Latinx students in the US. Although there has been an increasing number of Hispanic and Latinx college students in recent years, they still face difficult challenges on the way to graduation. Financial aid (especially scholarships and grants) is critical to Hispanic and Latinx students in the U.S. who are struggling with rising costs of living, low wages, and even state divestment in higher education. A lot of Hispanic and Latinx students are the first in their families to go to college. These students face significant challenges such as high dropout rates and a lack of financial support. College tuition is more expensive than ever and many times these students end up with mounting debt as well as limited employment opportunities and earning potential compared to those that may not face such barriers. The following guide will explore scholarships ideas for Hispanic and Latinx students that can assist them in finding success. Link:

GRANTS & SCHOLARSHIPS FOR DISABLED WOMEN – Because there are many more disabled women attending colleges than in the past, many might be interested in the scholarships specifically designed for them, as well other scholarships for all disabled students, men and women. Because of the expensive medical costs they face every day. In addition to the specific scholarships for disabled women and all disabled students, disabled women can also receive help from the standard scholarships that are for all students. Link:

FREE SCHOLARSHIPS FOR AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN – African American women who live in the United States can find many sources of funding to pursue a college education through scholarships and grants. Many of these scholarships are granted specifically to African American women. Other scholarships are granted more generally to women of any race or are granted to African Americans of either gender. The qualifications for these scholarships vary greatly. Some scholarships are meant for potential scholars in specific states or even specific counties within a state. Many scholarships have been established to address worker shortages in specific fields. Link:

SCHOLARSHIPS FOR ASIAN WOMEN – When it comes time to head to off to university, money can be a major issue. Finding the right scholarship or grant will do wonders toward alleviating the financial load.

Navigating the maze of available scholarships can be a real headache. Not only is it difficult to find out what scholarships are available, finding out exactly what scholarships will cover also takes some hunting. Some scholarships only partly cover educational costs, while others may cover everything including books and boarding. Careful research is necessary to sort out what awards best suited for the applicant. For Asian women, the following list of available opportunities may be a valuable resource when it is time to apply for funding. Link:

LAW SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIPS FOR WOMEN – Women who aspire to attend law school may find private scholarships, fellowships, and grants to subsidize the expense of law school. The typical law school tuition for two semesters is anywhere from $15,000 to $45,000 a year. The average law student graduates with over $200,000 in student loans to pay for this tuition, so it is essential for women in law to alleviate the cost as much as possible. Link:

Making Money While Helping Others? Yes, It’s Possible!

Have you ever wished you had more time, income, and control in your own life? Often, the daily grind can start to wear on you. But you might not know how to get out of it. If only you had the opportunity to start working on your own terms! LegalShield offers you that opportunity. For nearly 50 years, we have provided access to legal justice and identity protection for millions of people in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. Our mission is to ensure that the ideal of “Justice for All” is a reality for many, not just for the privileged few. We make this possible by selling affordable legal protection memberships to the public through our trusted LegalShield Independent Associates. When you become a LegalShield Associate, you start making a difference while earning a living.

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INFORMATION – BUILDING FOUNDATIONS FOR SUCCESS – Updates from the Funding College Project.

It’s FREE – We are trying to spread the word about Honors, Awards and Scholarships to as many people as can be reached, please share this information widely. The source: Link:

INTERNSHIP POSITIONS – Pierce Conservation District offers a variety of internships year-round depending on program needs. Please check our Employment Opportunities page to see current openings. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN AN INTERNSHIP WITH US BUT WE DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING POSTED FILL OUT OUR INTERN INTEREST FORM. Here are some examples of past internships: Invasive Plant Monitoring Intern – Surveyed invasive knotweed in the Upper Nisqually River and South Prairie Creek watersheds. Garden Outreach Intern – Supported Harvest Pierce County’s Community Garden program through outreach to increase the number of active community gardeners and general awareness of HPC programming. Link:

Special Note: We have used and Recommend an Introduction to yourself or a goal or project with you identify be sent to prospective sponsor, supporters, scholarship committees and institutional staff that you may need for future activities. This is done using a folded 11″X17″ – 8 1/2″X11″ piece of paper or the creation of a website which can be updated. These should use few words but contain Action Oriented pictures of your activates and a Personal Statement. Our use of these documents were started 2 years before the goal or longer. See a few examples online – Link:

Scholarship Kickoff – The iUrban Teen Seattle Chapter exists both to influence and support the mission and vision of the iUrban Teen program. This chapter launched in 2013 and continues to bring cutting-edge training and career exposure to our students and families. The Seattle Metro programs reach as far north as Everett and south to Tacoma. Scholarship Kickoff – Submission deadline: April 29, 2022 – Awards: Up to $2,000. You may have to contact them directly or check offering in the Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Dallas, or Houston chapters. Link:

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation – Amount: Up to $40,000 – Programs is open to high-performing 7th grade students, college bound, current and transfer student with financial need. There are other scholarships available too. Link:

CAREERONE STOP – A U.S. Department of Labor sponsors CareerOne Stop, which provides a list of nationally available searches more than 8,000 scholarships, fellowships, grants, and other financial aid award opportunities. In addition to resources about career exploration, training, and jobs. Link:

COLLEGESCORECARD – FIND THE RIGHT FIT. Find out about colleges: their programs, costs, admissions, results, and more. Link:

COLLEGE NAVIGATOR can help you find programs, and resources.

MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS – The nation’s largest, multi-billion-dollar scholarship database– create a free account to see all of your personalized matches and start applying today. $11 Billion in Merit National Awards and may offer you additional resources. Link:

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS – Find a clearer path to college, earlier – Earn scholarships from colleges for your achievements as early as 9th grade Sign up–it is free!

AUTOMOTIVE WOMEN’S ALLIANCE FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS – Sponsor: Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation – Amount: $2,500 – Deadline: postmarked by Friday, JUNE 10, 2022 for candidate(s) of scholarship award(s) in quarters 3 & 4 of 2022 applicants must submit a completed application form; transcript from current educational institution; resume; and one-page cover letter stating the career goals; freshmen applicants must provide a high school transcript and proof of acceptance from a college, university or class they wish to attend. Applicant for consideration of this scholarship must be accepted to a college or university; must have and maintain a minimum of a 3.0 GPA during a scholarship-funded semester; if an applicant cannot accept the scholarship or if education is interrupted, the status of funds will be reviewed by AWAF scholarship committee; the scholarship funds awarded will be valid at the college or university to be used toward tuition and fees; scholarship check will be awarded in the name of the applicant and the educational institution; scholarship awards will be chosen by application; the AWAF scholarship committee may conduct interviews; must give written or electronic notification of acceptance within five (5) days of award notification; this scholarship is open to North American citizens. Level of Study: Bachelor’s Degree – Criteria: Scholarships are given based on academic merit. Link:

SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS CAN BE EASY! Filling out all of those scholarship applications can be time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. With Scholar Snapp, apply in a fraction of the time — it’s fast, easy, and free.

WASHINGTON STATE COLLEGE BOUND SCHOLARSHIP – The College Bound Scholarship combines with other state financial aid to cover the average tuition (at public rates to eligible Washington state institutions), some fees, and a small book allowance for income-eligible students who sign up no later than eighth grade, work hard in school, remain a good citizen and successfully apply to a higher education institution when they graduate. The Washington College Access Network–an affiliate of the College Success Foundation–in partnership with the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC), actively works with districts, schools and community-based organizations to support College Bound students and families statewide by offering program outreach through our network of regional offices located in the nine Educational Service Districts (ESD) throughout the state. Our team can help provide strategies for signup success and support that fit with your school/district/community. Learn more about accessing your College Bound Scholarship.


MINORITY SCHOLARSHIPS – A large percentage of the U.S. college population is comprised of minority students from various backgrounds and races, including African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic and Latinos, Asian and Pacific Islanders, and so forth. To qualify as minority student, you don’t need to be a first-generation immigrant or the first person in your family to go to college. Specific organizations qualify women or LGBTQ students as minorities. Scholarships for minority students vary in their criteria and are not limited to race or ethnicity. Typically, multi-ethnic students may qualify for at least one of the listed minority scholarships. Make sure to see if you qualify for more than one type of minority scholarship by conducting a free scholarship search. Minority scholarships are not limited to United States residents. Students outside the United States may apply as well, whether they are studying at home or abroad. Some scholarships may not even require U.S. citizenship, so be sure to check the official rules carefully when applying for scholarships. The types of scholarships for minority students vary from academic merit scholarships to athletic scholarships to need-based scholarships. When searching for financing opportunities, take into consideration your skills, talents, and areas of need. Scholarships are not limited to college institutions either – there are specific charitable organizations, corporations, professional associations, and minority advocacy groups that are dedicated to serving underrepresented student populations. Link:

BLACK HISTORY MONTH SCHOLARSHIP RESOURCES FOR STUDENTS. Focusing on today’s African American high school and college students, Fastweb has compiled a comprehensive list of scholarships in a variety of academic areas in their new resource – Scholarships for African American Students. The opportunities showcased represent the STEM fields, journalism, architecture, financial services and more. Award amounts range from $500 to $75,000 and related internships are also included. “This 2022 resource highlights scholarship opportunities for African American students from educational institutions, foundations, and other organizations across a variety of majors and disciplines,” said Mark Nelson, Senior Vice President, Fastweb. “At Fastweb we are committed to bringing students relevant scholarship resources to help them achieve their academic goals.”

Fastweb encourages all students to learn about the various financial aid options available to help pay for college. Students should fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form today to start the federal student aid process. Information on the FAFSA application can be found in Fastweb’s Financial Aid section. Visit or download the Fastweb app for more helpful free online resources. These scholarships for Black students total more than $255,000!


SACNAS – Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science – is an inclusive organization dedicated to fostering the success of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans, from college students to professionals, in attaining advanced degrees, careers, and positions of leadership in STEM.

STEM Scholarships for Under-Represented Minorities – Through partnerships with like-minded entities, NACME’s scholarship program for under-represented minorities serves as a catalyst to increase the proportion of Black/African American, Native/American Indian, and Latinx/Hispanic American young women and men in STEM careers. We inspire and encourage excellence in engineering education and career development toward achieving a diverse and dynamic American workforce. Link:

MICROSOFT COMMUNITY LEARNING PORTAL – STUDENTS AND RECENT GRADUATES – Offer a variety of scholarship programs, internships and full-time opportunities designed to empower you. Imagine the impact you can have and jumpstart your career. Link:

STATE INDIAN EDUCATION OFFICES – NIEA Mission Statement – The National Indian Education Association advances comprehensive, culture-based educational opportunities for American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians. Resources – NIEA provides a broad range of resources for students, educators and parents. Link:


Students interested in applying to S-STEM – The S-STEM program funds US institutions of higher learning who in turn implement the scholarship program and select scholars based on the eligibility requirements described in the S-STEM solicitation. S-STEM does not fund students directly. Students who are interested in applying to an S-STEM scholarship should inquiry with their institution’s Office of Financial Aid or Office of Sponsored Programs whether an S-STEM project is available on campus and who is the responsible. The main goal of the S-STEM program is to enable low-income, talented domestic students to pursue successful careers in promising STEM fields. Ultimately, the S-STEM program wants to increase the number of low-income students who graduate and contribute to the American innovation economy with their STEM knowledge. Recognizing that financial aid alone cannot increase retention and graduation in STEM, the program provides awards to Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) to fund scholarships and to adapt, implement, and study effective evidence-based curricular and co-curricular activities that support recruitment, retention, transfer (if appropriate), student success, academic/career pathways, and graduation in STEM. Link:

ELEVATING EVIDENCE-BASED PROGRAMS THAT ACCELERATE LATINO STUDENT SUCCESS – Celebrates programs accelerating Latino student success and bring attention to these programs for those committed to doing more for Latino students. We’re Closing the Equity Gap in Latino College Completion – Graduation – To close the national equity gap in degree attainment, Latinos will need to earn 6.2 million more degrees by 2030.

Excelencia will help reach this goal by:

Working with institutions to raise Latinos’ degree attainmentInforming and influencing educators and decision makers to increase Latinos’ degree attainmentAdvancing evidence-based practices that support the success of Latino and other students


SWE SCHOLARSHIPS support women pursuing bachelor or graduate student programs – SWE Scholarships support those who identify as a female/woman and are pursuing an ABET-accredited bachelor or graduate student program in preparation for careers in engineering, engineering technology and computer science globally. In 2021, SWE disbursed nearly 260 new and renewed scholarships valued at more than $1,200,000!

Applicants complete one application and are considered for all scholarships for which they are eligible. Link:

RICHARD E. MERWIN STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP – IEEE Computer Society is offering $36,000 in student scholarships, of $1,000 and up, to recognize and reward active student volunteer leaders in IEEE Student Branches or IEEE Computer Society Student Branch Chapters who show promise in their academic and professional efforts. This scholarship was created in honor of the late Richard E. Merwin, past president of the IEEE Computer Society, to recognize and reward student leadership. Selected winners will serve as IEEE Computer Society Student Ambassadors. Duties will include collecting and disseminating information to student branches or student branch chapters in their region and serving as a liaison between the IEEE Computer Society Member and Geographic Activities Board and student members in their region. Over a dozen scholarships of $1,000 and up are available, for one academic year. The Merwin Scholarship has two application deadlines: 30 April and 30 September of each year. Individuals may apply once per year. Link:…/awards/scholarships/merwin

AFSA SCHOLARSHIPS AND GRANT PROGRAMS – Sponsor: Air Force Sergeants Association and Airmen Memorial Foundation – Amount: Up to $3,000 – Closing Date: March 31, 2022 – Description: Scholarship is open to graduating high school seniors and current college students who are Air Force Dependent children pursuing undergraduate degrees. Link:

THE THURGOOD MARSHALL COLLEGE FUND (TMCF) is proud to offer financial assistance to outstanding students attending one of the publicly supported Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Predominantly Black Institutions (PBIs) within the TMCF 47 member-school network. Link:

The Out to Innovate(TM) Scholarships, established in 2011, are intended for LGBTQ+ undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) programs. The scholarships are designed to promote academic excellence and increased visibility of talented LGBTQ+ students in STEM careers. We are pleased to announce that Motorola Solutions Foundation has funded the Out to Innovate(TM) Scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year, which includes first ($5000) and second ($2500) place graduate and undergraduate scholarships. We have a new permanent addition to our scholarship portfolio: The Amy A. Ross Scholarship in Bioscience. Applicants to this scholarship must demonstrate a commitment to furthering LGBTQ+ visibility, diversity, and inclusion in the biosciences. This is a $2000 scholarship. Link:

THE TAIWANESE AMERICAN SCHOLARSHIP FUND – Applications accepted on a first come, first served basis until funds are exhausted – $50,000 in Scholarships Available – Up to $5,000 Scholarships for High School Seniors and 1st Year College Students – Planning to Attend a University/College in the U.S. in the Fall of 2022 – The Fund is focused on helping economically challenged Taiwanese American youth fulfill their dreams of obtaining higher education. Eligibility: – U.S. Citizen or U.S. permanent resident (holders of a Permanent Resident Card) AND a direct blood descendant of a Taiwanese citizen – High school senior or 1st year college student residing in the United States: Plan to attend a university or College as a full-time 1st or 2nd year student in the Fall of 2022 in the United States (If selected, high school seniors must submit college acceptance letter for verification.) Have a minimum cumulative unweighted high school/college GPA of 3.0 – Have a household income at or below the Federal/State/County Low Income Level (Must be able to show 2019 or 2020 tax return should applicant be selected for award.) The scholarship is open to ALL MAJORS. Link:

SCHOLARSHIP AMERICA is here to help you break down barriers, open doors and access scholarships that help you succeed in life. BROWSE SCHOLARSHIPS – Link:

FOSTER CARE TO SUCCESS SCHOLARSHIPS – Sponsor: Foster Care to Success – Amount: Up to $5,000 – Closing Date: March 31, 2022 – Description: Scholarship is open to students who have been in public or private foster care for the 12 consecutive months leading up to and including their 18th birthday; or have been adopted or placed into legal guardianship after their 16th birthday; or have been orphaned for at least one year at the time of their 18th birthday and not subsequently adopted. Applicant must be under the age of 25 and have been accepted into or expect to be accepted into an accredited, Pell-eligible college for undergraduate study. Link:

SCHOLARSHIPS FOR HISTORICALLY BLACK COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES – Organizations grant HBCU scholarships based on factors such as financial need, academic achievement, community involvement, and major. Applicants often need to submit essays, transcripts, and/or recommendations. Do HBCUs give scholarships? Yes, many HBCUs offer institutional scholarships and grants, including need-based and merit-based awards. Link:

Even traditional radio has become RADIO-ACTIVE! RadioActive Youth Media is where young people discover public radio journalism and gain access to the skills, community and institutional resources that spur their growth as media makers. Through their stories, viewers and listeners of all ages gain a deeper understanding of young people whose voices and stories are rarely shared by the greater public. As a PAID opportunity open to teens ages 15-18 in the greater Seattle area (King, Pierce, Snohomish, and Kitsap counties). Youth earn $600 for completing the workshop. Link:

Niche $50,000 “No Essay” Scholarship – Covering the cost of college expenses for four years without writing a single essay? Sounds too good to be true! It isn’t with Niche. We are giving one student $50,000 (our biggest scholarship yet!) to help pay for tuition, living expenses, books, and other educational expenses!

Apply below for your chance to win so you can focus on what really matters instead of worrying about finances. Good luck! DEADLINE: February 28, 2022 Link:


It’s FREE – We are trying to spread the word about Honors, Awards and Scholarships to as many people as can be reached, please share this information widely. We operate virtually and in print for more news go direct to the source: or – Search – Perry L. Newell or Funding College Project.



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8 Financial Tips For Young Adults

By Aysia Morton May 20, 2022 / 11:13 AM Financial realities might be a tidal wave when you’re a young adult. You’re given new duties, such as how much money you need to spend, save, or invest. It might be frustrating and difficult to understand. Even searching the internet for financial help can be daunting.

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After George Floyd’s murder, Wall Street promised billions of dollars to help Black Americans. 2 years later, here’s where that money went and how it’s being used.

As Dominik Mjartan approached JPMorgan’s towering global headquarters on New York City’s Park Avenue on a Friday afternoon in September, he couldn’t help but feel skeptical. Mjartan, the CEO of Optus Bank, a South Carolina lender with $350 million assets under management, was there to meet Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan. The meeting was

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International 7-Day News Agenda

Text size Please note that all times are in GMT. Major events are listed under ‘Highlights’. For full details of our coverage of top stories, please see our regularly updated News Advisory. (+) : Event added in the last 24 hours. (*) : Event updated in the last 24 hours. UNITED STATES – Covid test

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